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Welcome to the website for the UK NAVA Trial

Neural DriveMonitoring

NAVA PressureSupport

This website supports the UK NAVA Trial. This is a multicentre randomised controlled trial to compare Neurally-Adjusted Ventilatory Assist (NAVA) versus standard care in critically ill patients at risk of prolonged ventilation.

NAVA combines neural drive monitoring with synchronised pressure support-our intervention is two sides of the same coin.

The trial was inspired by our patients and their families who have asked us to try to improve the way that ventilatory support is provided when people are critically ill. 

The trial is funded by the HTA and supported by the Warwick Clinical Trials Unit. We are part of CoReCCT Collaboration of Respiratory Trials.

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Trial Resources

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Using NAVA

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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

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"I actually understand this it works... and why it might be so good"

King's Critical Care Pathfinder Group past patient.

"Being dependent on a machine to do something like your breathing is like having your life controlled by someone else. You literally disappear."

King's Critical Care Pathfinder Group past patient.

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